Looking to mix things up a little? Try any of the Interchangeable PalmPower attachments below for an entirely new and exciting sensation. Each and every attachment is made from 100% silicone for your safety and enjoyment and features a soft, silky smooth finish.


100% Silicone           Phthalate-Free           Soft, Silky, Smooth Finish

Palm Embrace Massage Wand
Palm Embrace Massage Wand

Two striking curves for all encompassing pleasure.

Palm Bliss Massage Wand
Palm Bliss Massage Wand

Two bold tips designed for g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Palm Caps Massage Wand
Palm Caps Massage Wand

Replacement heads compatible with all PalmPower products.

Palm Pleasure Massage Wand
Palm Delight Massage Wand

Palm Delight

Two pleasure tips for a sensual massage.

Palm Tease Massage Wand

Palm Tease

Three soft curved tips to tease your senses.

Palm Sensual Massage Wand
Palm Dual Massage Wand

Palm Dual

A double-action attachment which stimulates the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.

Palm Below Massage Wand

Palm Below

Features a rounded flexible neck for exciting G-spot stimulation.

Palm Body Massage Wand
Palm Finger Massage Wand

Palm Finger

Two pointed edges to relax every muscle in your fingers and palm.

Palm Curve Massage Wand

Palm Curve

Two rounded edges that glide over your arm, legs and body for a truly magnificent massage.

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Palm Delight