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The Story So Far...


The PalmPower brand name represents the world's most powerful mainstream and luxury wand massagers.


The Original PalmPower launched only a few years ago to incredibly enthusiastic reviews for introducing an entirely new generation of wand massagers. Before PalmPower, a select few other brands were top of their game for a number of years. While they are still great products in their own rights, PalmPower delivers even more power, more features and more versatility in a much smaller unit. This makes it more maneuverable to get the power where you need it.


Soon after its launch, it became the #1 selling wand massager in Europe. This was partly because it holds the PowerBullet® name which is famous for the deep, pulsating vibrations that it provides.


In 2014, the PalmPower Recharge was launched. This new version builds on the features of the Original PalmPower and was completely redesigned to introduce many new ones as well with extraordinary power.



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About PowerBullet®


The undying demand to consistently provide more and more power has committed us to produce our own technology that would essentially “rock your world.” From our very first prototype, it provided an unbelievable amount of power from such a small source. It even amazed people who turned it on for the first time, and many of them have been in the industry for years. For something with this kind of power, we found that the name PowerBullet® was the most fitting for this technology.


Over the last few years, we've continued to tweak and develop this to squeeze every bit of power out of the technology as we could. You may ask, "so what happened when you couldn't get any more power from it?" Great question! The simple answer is that we went back to the drawing board and worked tirelessly until we made it even stronger and more powerful.


We love PowerBullet and can't wait for you to experience it in our Palmpower collection. 

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