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Peep Show Toys Review: Palm Power Recharge Massager
[Video Review]

Source: Youtube

Peep Show Toys Review: Palm Power Plug & Play
[Video Review]

Source: Youtube

"The head of the toy! The wonderful, compact, powerful head! "

Source: Fiesty Fox Films


When using a vibrator, I typically am able to orgasm once, require a break from clitoral stimulation for a bit, then I can go again, then (repeat). With the Recharge, I don’t have that problem. The first time I used it, I orgasmed 6 times in an 11-minute span.... [Read More]

"Yup. It had completely blown me away (and brought me to orgasm in pretty quickly too). "

Source: The Big Gay Review


The PalmPower is a small mains powered magic wand. It arrives in very simplistic packaging. The wand sits inside a clear plastic tray, whilst underneath is a simple white box holding all of the power cables. ... [Read More]

" BMS Factory PalmPower Wand is a toy that’s been on my Favorite Things list for years."

Source: Red Head Bed Head


The new PalmPower Plug & Play describes itself as a “USB powered wand” so it’s a plug and play wand that can be plugged into a power bank as well.. [Read More]

"The PalmPower Personal Massager, which was introduced to the market in 2011 is still going strong."

Source: Sign Magazine


The PalmPower came into the market when other bulkier wands were dominating the scene. Its unmatched power, fun features and versatility make it easy to understand why it’s still the most beloved wand on the market.... [Read More]

Sunny Megatron's Review: Palm Power Massager
[Video Review]

Source: Facebook

"This handheld, sleek wand vibe definitely packs a punch!"

Source: MTST


Don’t let the convenient cordless and portable Palm Power’s size fool you: these vibrations are great! Ranging from a gentle thumping to intense, high­speed waves ­­ you will not go unsatisfied. ... [Read More]

"If I’m completely honest I could end this review with two words—Buy it!"

Source: Emmaline Peaches


When you crank this toy up it retains a delightful rumble and provides intense strength. The highest vibrations can get a bit buzzy, but no depth is lost because of this and, instead, you’re left with an intense power-trip that’s just…orgasmic! ... [Read More]

"I love it. It has a permanent spot next to my bed and has made my Hitachi almost redundant."

Source: Deliciously Bad


This toy has buzz. Serious f*cking buzz. Even the lowest setting is stronger than the fastest setting of some other toys I own which makes for some seriously good, toe-curling orgasms. It also plugs into the mains so there are no batteries to change or charging times to wait for before you use it. ... [Read More]

Frankie's Toy Box:
#5 Palm Power Massager
[Video Review]

Source: YouTube

On higher settings I can orgasm in under thirty seconds.

Source: Dirty Little Whispers


Powered by PowerBullet®, this mains powered massager has variable speeds. You cannot compare this toy to battery operated toys, it is so much stronger.


The power of this toy is amazing. Even on low, the vibrations are still strong. It is intended for use all over the body. However, I will mainly use it as a sex toy. On higher settings I can orgasm in under thirty seconds. It really is this powerful! The Palm Power comes with a round silicone cap which can be removed and other caps used. Overall a fantastic massager with strong vibrations. Guaranteed to climax!  [Read More]

“Wow, so much power can come out of something so small?”

Source: Incendiaire’s Reviews


When the PalmPower is turned on, its amazingly powerful, and truly rumbly too, even at low speeds. My first reaction was to flit between thinking "wow, so much power can come out of something so small?"


I would most certainly and whole heartedly recommend the PalmPower Massager, especially with the attachments. It's a great little toy which manages to be incredibly powerful, pocket-sized, and not too noisy. It’s well worth adding it to any collection, for sexual use or otherwise. [Read More]

"It gets a 10 out of 10 from me”

Source: Cara Sutra


This is the most powerful vibrator I have ever seen, felt, used or owned – bar none. That’s where the review could end, if I am honest.


The PalmPower Massager is powered by the incredible PowerBullet® technology. After a little bit of research and a little bit of Googling, it is clear that this technology is from and a trademark of BMS Factory, the same people behind the much lusted after Swan Vibes. The PalmPower Wand would have been an amazing addition to my sex toys collection on its own. In fact I have used it at least daily since receiving it some weeks ago.


I love my PalmPower Wand. It gets a 10 out of 10 from me. [Read More]

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