The PalmPower Recharge (Waterproof)


The Best Selling Massage Wand Is Now Cordless, Rechargeable & Waterproof!


The PalmPower has been a favourite among customers around the world since it came. Now, BMS Factory is offering a newer version of this sex toy- the waterproof PalmPower Recharge which has all the power of the original in a cordless, USB rechargeable version!


The PalmPower Recharge is presented in a slim, informative box. Included in the box is the PalmPower Recharge, an instruction manual and a 40" USB recharging cord.

Unlike the Original PalmPower, the waterproof PalmPower Recharge does not need to be plugged in to work, henceforth giving you more freedom than ever before. Simply press the pin into the bottom of the PalmPower Recharge, let it completely charge, unplug it and hold on!


The PalmPower Recharge works with all current PalmPower Attachments using the same "T" lock guide to keep the attachments secure and in place during use. Easily pop the interchangeable attachments off and replace with any other one when needed for different sensations. 


The waterproof PalmPower Recharge has a black handle with vibrant fuchsia silicone caps and neck. This waterproof PalmPower has been given an IPX7 rating, which means that it is submersible up to 3 ft of water.


Enjoy it in the bathtub!




- 100% Waterproof
- 100% Silicone Head Attachment with different optional heads (sold separately)
- One Touch Incremental Speed Control
- No Batteries Required / Rechargeable
- Includes 40" USB recharging cord



Please Note: PalmPower is for external use only.



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