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FAQs - The Original PalmPower


The original PalmPower is very simple to use. However, we realize that sometimes people still have a few questions. If your question isn't covered in the included product manual, please see below for more helpful information.


I bought the interchangeable silicone heads, how do I change them?


Please find an instructional diagram here. This digram can also be found in the included instruction manual.


When I press the button, it doesn't seem very powerful.


One of the best things about the PalmPower is that instead of set vibration strengths like other massager wands, PalmPower features the intuitive Press & Hold technology. How does it work? Simply press the button and hold it down until you get to the desired vibration strength. It's that easy!


I pressed the button to increase the speed and my PalmPower turned off.

Since the PalmPower only has one easy to use button, it has 2 uses. If you press the button too quickly while the PalmPower is already vibrating, it will turn the unit off. Hold it longer than 2 seconds to increase the speed.


Why did my PalmPower automatically turned off?


Some people really love to use their PalmPower. We'd like for you to be able to use it for as long as you'd want to, but for your safety, the PalmPower will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of use. To continue using it past this time, simply press the button to turn it on again. We suggest letting the PalmPower (and you) rest for at least 5 minutes between each 30 minute use.

Still have a question? Please ask us!

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