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FAQs - PalmPower Recharge


The PalmPower Recharge is designed to be intuitive and simple to operate. We realize that once in a while, there still may be a few questions. If your question isn't covered in the included product manual, please see below for more helpful information.


When I press the button, it does not vibrate.


  • Lock feature is activated. To unlock, quickly press the button until you feel a vibration. This lets you know that it is ready to go.

  • Unit is not charged. Plug in for a minimum quick charge of approximately 30 minutes. A full charge requires approximately 4 hours.


When I press and hold the button, the speed does not change.


You have already reached the highest power setting.


I want to gradually increase speed as I go along, but it always stops and then I have to press and hold again for longer each time.


You can increase speed by pressing and holding the button. If you do not press and hold long enough, the vibration will turn off.


The vibrator goes on by itself.


Unit needs to be locked; otherwise it may accidentally activate. Quickly press the button three times until you feel a vibration to let you know it is locked.


The light on the button does not go on.


The vibrator is running low on charge or power. Charge it by inserting the pin end of the USB cord into the charge connection port on the product and the USB end into either a USB wall adapter or USB port on your computer.


I dropped my PalmPower Recharge, is it broken?


Like all electronic devices, this is a delicate product that can be internally damaged. It is possible that your vibrator could be broken. To test it, lock and unlock the vibrator, plug the adaptor into the charge connection port, charge the device and check its performance.


My vibrator is taking longer than indicated to charge.


USB charging is very advanced and can act as a fast and convenient method to charge your PalmPower. In some rare cases, charging may take longer in certain power sources than others. Please be advised that for maximum results, it is suggested to plug the USB charging cable into a USB 2.0 or higher wall adapter for your region. Charging in a computer USB adapter is still effective, but may require a longer period of time to achieve a full charge.

Still have a question? Please ask us!

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